by: Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics


On May 19, 2019, “Reflecting Motion,” the latest Skynet artwork by the internationally-recognized Patrick Shearn and his Poetic Kinetics team, opened to the public in Union Station’s Haverty Family Yards.  Presented by CommunityAmerica Credit Union, this mesmerizing sky sculpture measures a massive 12,000 square feet and floats above the grass on waves of wind . . . constantly reshaping itself.

The artwork is a spectacular shimmering display, existing at the intersection of art and science.  Some call it “magical”, and we won’t argue.

Patrick Shearn is world renowned for his striking, larger-than-life, moving sculptures, called Skynets. "Reflecting Motion” is the latest kinetic art installation of this series, designed to evoke the natural phenomena of swarming found in the synchronized movements of flocks of birds, schools of fish or insects in nature.

Given the artwork’s ultra-lightweight materiality, the work also gives shape to the site-specific wind patterns of the venue–as wind propels a kinetic performance that makes for a dynamic, ever-changing viewing experience.

“Reflecting Motion” is comprised of approximately 13,400 linear feet of rope, 300 hand-tied technical knots and over 75,000 streamers of metalized holographic PET film on a monofilament net, forming a silver, iridescent wind wave above the massive lawn of Union Station.

Harnessing available wind, the artwork will rise up to 72 feet in the air and gently cascade down to 18 feet off the ground, undulating in a display that is both striking from a distance and intimately immersive up close.



About Patrick Shearn

Patrick Shearn is an LA-based artist specializing in larger-than-life, immersive art installations. The artist’s signature kinetic sculptures, called Skynets, earned him international renown after the debut of “Liquid Shard” enamored the city of Los Angeles, transforming an underused public square in the heart of downtown into a bustling destination overnight. Shearn has brought installations to various locations in the U.S. and abroad. Shearn’s expertise in animatronics, robotics and visual effects–gleaned from a 30-year tenure in the film industry as a creature maker and visual effects supervisor–has lent traction to a prolific career as creative director for his studio Poetic Kinetics. The studio is behind the most iconic artworks at Coachella and has set the bar for festival works that both engage the immediate public through interactivity and reach viral notoriety on social media.